After receiving the feedback, I relooked at the images. I straighten the Ceibwr Bay image, so that the horizon was straight. I adjusted the colours in the majority of images, some of this was due to the print outs that I sent in. I edited the sky in the haybales image to add colour and depth, instead of the bland sky that was there. I also edited the Cenarth Falls image, so the whites weren’t are overexposed. I removed the Tenby, the rubbish and the farmers dump images. I added an image of an abandoned building to show that Pembrokeshire has places like this in contrast to the pretty idyllic images. I also added a new image of a boat on the water for showing the pretty Pembrokeshire.

Idyllic Pembrokeshire 

dsc_0786DSC_2173 2.jpgdsc_1654dsc_0912dsc_1122

Unknown Pembrokeshire 




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