One photographer, that influenced me was Bryony Campbell. In 2009, Campbell created The Dad Project. This project was centered on her father who had been diagnosed with cancer and was dying. She stated, “This is my attempt to say goodbye to my dad. At first, the idea of introducing a camera into this un-resoluble equations seemed unwise, but eventually I think it become the solution. During the last eight months of his life, we recorded our relationship through photography and film. At the instant of Dad’s death my dual role felt absolutely concrete. There was no longer a separation. I wanted all the details recorded and revealed. This was the big unknown moment, one we will all have, one that nobody can envisage but everybody wonders about”.

Her series has a narrative and tells a story. The photographs and subject was personal to her. Her narrative was herself and her father.

For this assignment, I also did further research into ‘hidden’ disabilities and Fibromylgia.

I looked into the way black and white photographs enhance and convey emotion.

Oodee. Briony Campbell The Dad Project (A year on). [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 28th January 2016].



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