As I would be looking at possibly abandoned buildings to represent the ‘bad’ side of Pembrokeshire. I looked into Nicholas Grospierre, who has photographed buildings in disrepair. Nicolas Grospierre is a Swiss photograph born in 1975. His images concentrate on angles, he uses architectural plans as his inspiration for his compositions. He describes his work as “On one hand documentary…and on the other conceptual”. I partically like his images of the sides of building, showing the windows, as the windows can show a lot about a building.

Another photographer I looked into was Becher. He composed his shots neatly within the frame, and all his images have the same composition, they are very consistent. I found his images interesting, but I would have liked to see different angles instead of all being the same.


I also looked at Paul Graham’s work Troubled Lands, which explores the troubles in Ireland. I really like these images, as they show Northern Ireland in a different light, similar to the way I wanted to show Pembrokeshire.



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