Galleries & Study Days

Galleries & Study Days 

Camera and Optics Show, Carmarthen 

In September 2015, I went to the Camera and Optics show, which was held in Carmarthen, Wales. It was held in conjunction with a local camera store called Carmarthen cameras. There were several stands with all sorts of cameras and equipment. Representatives from Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sony, Canon and Nikon were there. I found it fascinating as you could have a good look at the cameras, try them and ask any questions. There were several seminars that ran through the day. I attended the lighting and studio seminar and found it very informative.

NEC Photography Show 

The photography show was held at the NEC, Birmingham in March 2016. When I attended I was overwhelmed by the amount of exhibitors there were. I still didn’t manage to see them all. But I found it very interesting I listened to a few speakers but I would have liked more time to look around. So next year, I will be visiting again.

Conceptual Art in Britain 1964-1979. 


A few weeks ago I attended the Conceptual Art in Britain exhibition at the Tate. The exhibition shows the development of the concept of art. The exhibition contained various art forms, such as sculptures, painting and photographs. It even contained a ‘sculpture’ of a pyramid of oranges. The exhibition had several famous photographers work. One in particular is that of Richard Long’s. Three of his early images were shown. A Line Made By Walking, England and Turk Circle. I found his composition interesting, the way he used lines and circles, these formed the base of his images. Keith Arnatt’s image ‘Invisible Hole Revealed By The Shadow Of The Artist’, really made me think. Firstly the image struck me as a self-portrait. Upon looking deeper, it makes the viewer question what can be invisible under certain circumstances but visible under others.

The New Art room concentrated more on the emergence of photography as an art form. The first image I came across in this room was by John Hilliard, ‘Camera Recording Its Own Condition’. Hilliard used different combination of shutter speeds and apertures, to create the images. There are 70 in total; the images are of the camera itself. I found this image very interesting as it shows different exposures; I spent along time looking at this image.

I found Braco Dimitrijevic series, ‘The Casual Passer By’ very intriguing. ‘The Pilgrim’s Way’ by Hamish Fulton, provided a different landscape. The image itself is very ‘blank’, it doesn’t give much away.

Stephen Willat’s ‘The Lunch Triangle’ drew my attention, at first I was slightly confused with it. It consists of three images, the first and third one shows someone who I part way through their lunch, but the second one is blank. I was confused as to why this was, what was the purpose, I then discovered that the second image acts as a bridge between the two images beside it. The display had sheets with questions, when completing it I felt that I was really engaging with the images. Overall I found it very effective.

Stephen Willat’s ‘Living with Practical Realities’ was one piece I found made me think. It was interesting to see how Willat investigated this woman’s living conditions. It was more an exploration into culture. It made me think of where I live and my culture.

I really enjoyed this exhibition, it showed me how art has changed and developed in Britain. I spent hours looking at the images and would definitely recommend a visit.



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