Feedback Response

Feedback Response

The feedback I received for this assignment was constructive, I was a bit wary as this was my first assignment. My tutor stated that the idea I had was good but the print quality really let it down. Which I completely agree with, I really had problems with my printer, and have since brought another better one. My tutor also mentioned that I could have showed the two sides to the same place, which I might do in the rework. She stated that how I presented my work was bad, but I didn’t know I had to present it, I initially thought it was just prints needed. My tutor went through each image.

Some of the images were over saturated, or not completely straight. Some the composition wasn’t right, and others have some things that were distracting from the image.

She also mentioned that I get my work proofread, as there were some spelling and grammatical errors. She also recommend I look at Niki Feisen.



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