Look at some more images from Sarah Pickering’s Website. How do Pickering’s images make you feel? Is Public Order an effective use of documentary or is it misleading? 

When I first saw Sarah Pickering’s Public Order, I had mixed feelings. I can honestly say I didn’t know how to feel about the images. It felt weird looking at the buildings and the roads, and knowing that they are fake, but in some pictures you could say it looks like a real town. For example, the train stations, has the signs on it, shops have their signs, it even has a small green with plants and trees and in the picture entitled Flicks Nightclub, if it wasn’t for all the windows being white, it would look like a normal street, but then Pickering photographs behind the nightclub and you can see that it is all a façade. However, on doing some research into Public Order, I found that the place where she photographed is used to train people in the Police Service. What I find interesting is the details that have been kept in, like the names on the buildings, the street names, the litter on the streets, the cars, the traffic lights and so on.

I do not believe that Public Order is an effective use of documentary style photography. Documentary photography is used to record any historical or significant event. Personally I do not believe photographing a place where the police use to train is strictly documentary photography. However, it could be seen as a version of it, as Pickering has photographed something significant, which could be seen as historically as one of the places where the police train.


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