Find a Street that particularly interests you. Shoot 30 colour images and 30 black and white images. Comment on the differences between the two formats. What difference does colour make? Which set of you prefer and why? 

I decided to photograph a main street through my local town. I have noticed that in colour the pictures seem more alive and vivid. With colour, it can emphasis something particular in the picture. In colour, the pictures can show a lot more, such as the weather or the time of year. Whereas when in black and white the images are more somber. This may be suitable for certain images but not all.


I prefer this picture in colour, as it emphases the colour of the building, the drain pipe and the warm from the sky.


I do like this images in black and white, as it helps mask the bright sun from the right hand side shining on the buildings. However I think it is better in colour, due the colours in the images.


I think this images is better in black and white.


For me, there is not a lot between these images. Due to the colour of the buildings and the dark door, it is hard for me to choose between them.


Another picture, which I am finding it difficult to choose between. The colour one is bright and shows the building colours, but the black and white one gives the sense of an atmosphere, which I like.


I do prefer this images in black and white.


The colour image has warmth, that the black and white images lacks. But the black and white images has a classic look about it.


There is no doubt I prefer the colour images. But the texture achieve in the hanging flowers in the black and white is a lot better than in the colour photograph.

Personally I prefer the pictures I have taken in colour. But I do think that in general it depends on the street or the subject, which is more appropriate.


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