Assignment 4 – Reading Photographs

Assignment 4  

Initial Thoughts

I found this assignment quite straightforward, as it was a natural progression from the exercises in this section. I found it interesting as it gave a change to explore an image and analyze it critically.


I looked into the advertising articles written by Judith Williamson, that were mentioned earlier on in this section. But I also looked into Barthes, in particular the chapter he wrote called ‘Rhetoric of the image’, which also proved useful for this assignment. I looked into VW advertising and their park assist function.

Assignment 4 

Tutor Feedback 

Feedback Response 

I was happy with the feedback I received for this assignment; it contained a few pointers in which to improve the essay. My tutor believed that I had chosen an interesting image to analyze, and that my writing style had developed over the course. As far as the essay is concerned she recommend changing a few technical details such as using double line spacing and the fact that I would need to come up with a title for the work.


I took my tutors advise and removed the initial part which stated that I had looked at this in a previous exercise. I decided to keep the additional annotated images, and added these as an Appendix to the end. I also added the file as an attachment instead of written directly onto my learning log, as suggested by my tutor.

Here is the Reworked essay for Assignment Four.



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